The Provisions of Section 20

Act Reference Deductions Allowed Related Subsection or Deduction
Paragraph 20(1)(a) Capital cost allowance Sections 18(1)(b), 13, Regulations
Paragraph 20(1)(b) Cumulative eligible capital Section 14
Paragraph 20(1)(c),(d) Interest and compound interest Section 18(1)(t), 18(2), 18(11), 20.1
Paragraphs 20(1)(e), (f), (g) Financing expenses and share transfer fees Subsection 18(11)
Paragraph 20(1)(e2) Life insurance premiums as collateral  
Paragraph 20(1)(j) Shareholder loan repayment Subsection 15(2)
Paragraph 20(1)(l) to (p) Reserve for doubtful debts, etc., bad debts Paragraphs 12(1)(d), 18(1)(f)
Paragraphs 20(1)(v.1) Resource allowance Sections 20(15), 18(1)(m)
Paragraph 20(1)(aa) Landscaping Paragraph 18(3.1)(a)
Paragraph 20(1)(bb) Investment counsel fees  
Paragraph 20(1)(cc) Legal fees  
Subsection 20(16) Terminal loss-capital disposition  
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