Rental Income

Rental income (losses) generally refers to the income or loss earned from ownership of properties that are rented/leased to another person. Generally, rental income is income from property. There are a few exceptions where it would be considered business income, including:

  • A corporation employing six or more full-time employees whose principal business is to earn rental income;
  • A business with short-term rentals of small equipment;
  • A motel, hotel, or similar hospitality business;
  • Long-/short-term business of leasing movable property.

Generally, when we think of rental income we think of real property that is held by a landlord and rented/leased to a tenant. In fact, that makes up vast majority of rental incomes. Rental income, except in a corporation, is usually reported on a cash basis of accounting. Expenses typically include:

  • Property taxes;
  • Insurance;
  • Maintenance
  • Mortgage interest;
  • Property management fees;
  • Advertising;
  • Utilities; and
  • CCA (restricted).
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